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How to Use Super Greens

As a guideline for choosing your own "personal best" super green food, Paul Pitchford, author of Healing with Whole Foods, suggests you look at your health and constitution. If you're robust, any super green food in a combination of blue­green algae and cereal grass should be fine.

If you're weak, begin with spirulina or chlorella. Pitchford suggests that any­ one with a cold constitution (who feels cold often when others don't) might want to begin with chlorella since it is the least cooling of all super green foods.

Start with the minimum dose and slowly work up to an amount that appears optimal for you. Some people get a mild headache or digestive reactions (often as result of rapid detoxification) when they first begin taking these super foods: Simply cut back the recommended dose if you notice any reactions, then slowly increase the dose as symptoms disappear.

Certified organic green foods…

are always the best quality. Kim Bright­ Cassano, president of SweetWheat, points out that today's foods are lacking minerals and microorganisms due to nutrient-depleted soil from modern farming methods. Organic farming restores soil quality: It is not simply a matter of grow­ing crops without synthetic pesticides.