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Self-Healing with
Living Food, Facials, Color, Light, Sound,
Movement and Massage
Sat. Aug 3rd 9am - 6pm Mountain View, CA
Shirley Potasz, M.A.
Living Food Preparation & Facials
Shirley Potasz Want to lose weight? Learn how with Shirley Potasz via no cooking to create and prepare delicious, nutritious and economic meals - simple recipes such as energy drinks, sprouted crackers and raw desserts. She is a media producer / consultant; and a credentialed teacher of K-12 and of exercise, food preparation, skin care, speech, meditation and finding your purpose in life. She owned a health store and juice bar, had a Radio Show for 2 years; was the assistant on the Judith Parker Nutrition TV Series; produced for Dr.Lawrence Badgley Life Begets Life - a video to steer one's mental, emotional and physical behavior onto a path of wellness; is certified as an instructor by Hippocrates Health Institute (West Palm Beach, Florida); and has produced many seminars with the Institute's director-Brian Clement.
Esther Valier, RN
Integrating your Right & Left Brain
Esther Valier Expand your consciousness by integrating your right and left hemispheres with Esther Valier of the Brain Integration Center in Sebastopol. Discover your being through color, light, sound and touch, plus increase your awareness of self. Esther also practices Self-Healing in San Francisco and Sebastopol.
Meir Schneider, PhD, LMT
Yoga for the Eyes & Movement
Meir Schneider Learn to use your body and eyes in a relaxed, flexible and balanced manner with Meir Schneider - internationally known educator, therapist and founder of School for Self-Healing. He will illustrate his self-healing approach (published in 2 international best selling books; Yoga for Your Eyes - a natural vision video; and Miracle Eyesight - an audio program) with stories of his many clients and of his own odyssey from blindness to full vision. Experience your innate self-healing power as he leads exercises that bring immediate relief from eyestrain, neck and shoulder pain.
Richard "Tex" Ritter
Sensory Integration & Massage
Tex Ritter Experience a color, light, motion and sound session to reduce stress and anxiety, and to improve vision, concentration, memory and learning abilities. Tex graduated from the United States Air Force Academy and went on to become a research pilot for NASA Ames Research Center, where he flew transports, supersonic fighters, business jets, propeller aircraft and helicopters, until a helicopter in which he rode struck a power line. He thus suffered a traumatic head injury resulting in a six-week coma. This is one of the techniques that has led to his recovery.
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